After the amazing Kunstrai in Amsterdam, where we showed this giant picknick table from artist Daan den Houter. We are very proud and pleased to announce the young and talented artist Justine Tjallinks to our gallery, we hope you will be just as astounded and fascinated by her esthetic portraits. Daan Oude Elferink also finds his inspiration in decay, but in a different way than Peter. He photographs these amazing locations not just to capture a great shot, but mostly to let people’s imagination go wild by seeing it.

beurs openingstijden

Through the pioneering use of photography they create a new view on this art form. “Albinism in humans is characterized by the absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and/or eyes. Portraits of individuals affected by the disorder bring to mind celebrated photographers such as Tanyth Berkeley and Pieter Hugo. Nonetheless, Justine Tjallinks brings an aesthetic and approach all her own to her portrayal of a beautiful young woman with albinism. The images are sophisticated, polished, and powerfully disarming.” – Brian Paul Clamp. We are happy to inform you that the talented Cara Barer created once again a breathtaking new series.

Cara Barer – new series : Cartographica 2015

She paints, rips and tears before binding them into a book form which she has been working with for several years. She then takes these handmade objects and presents them renewed in a photograph. We are pleased to let you know that the solo exhibition of Lisa Carletta has gotten several reviews online and in print already in the first weeks. Sitting at the table gives a new perspective on the World; one looks over the people and one can look over the fence of ones neighbors. From simple monitors to easier tummy time, some of this gear will blow your mind.

beurs openingstijden

This time her main interest of material has been maps and trekking cards from all over the globe. We are looking forward to hear your thoughts on this first – class new series of works. Lisa Carletta her solo show was presented to the public during the Art The Hague (7-11 okt 2015) . This new series tells the story of a coming of age of a young girl moving to the big city. The series reveals a typical Lisa Carletta world that is full of emotion, styled with class, wonderful locations, set design and photographed with her Muze. The entire series is on show in the gallery till the 21st of november.

Kids (4- In-Person Cooking Class- Polynesian Sausage Supper

The exhibition ‘ The ardent beauty of decay ’ shows work by Peter Lippmann and Daan Oude Elferink. Both photographers give an unique way to express one of the biggest human fears, decay. Sophie-Maree Gallery invites you with pleasure to this joint exhibition from 6 June. Both artists show a new vision on the use of paper with the aim of creating new life around this material.

In her most recent series Stars , Davies aims to create a deeper understanding of human relations with nature in a modern and technologized world. Living with albinism not only means an absence of pigmentation in the skin and hair, but also impairment in vision. Not allowing herself to be dispirited she goes about her business like any other, propelled Type II Error forward by inner strength. We all fight our battles, with the difference being that she wears her vulnerability on the outside for all to see. These are not just images of rotting fruit, but a thoughtful, graceful and intimate symbolic display of the human condition. Cara Barer creates a new body of work with maps as the primary source of material.


Lippmann focusses with his ‘Noble Rot’ series on the rotting process of grapes. With his use of light he lets us realize the finiteness of life and wants us to no longer to avoid but bear it with dignity instead. Nude explores the duality between the vulnerability and strength within oneself. The soft colour palette represents the vulnerability, whilst the strength and determination is found in the body language. Jannemarein Renout inspired the Dutch brand Claudia Strater for a part of their spring / summer collection.

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