And various kinds of gifts from https://www.teletrade.ru/analytics/news will not brighten the ugliness that they follow. It can be concluded that even the presence of a European license does not prove about the decency of a broker. The other participants of the forum do not understand the perturbations of Byvaly user, as he waited 12 days for his money. But this is a personal matter of each client, to wait or demand to speed your withdrawal. In addition to this user, under the name Byvaly, is outraged by the complete absence of any information about the movement of his money by FXPro.

We posted the unbiased review of another https://forexreviewdaily.com/ client who proves the shady techniques used by these scammers. When the account is drained, a trader can’t close a position, since the trading platform "freezes" and opening a transaction is also impossible. Changed exchange rates and more led to the drained deposit of the customer. Technical support is practically absent unless it is time-consuming when you need to close the deal ASAP. Because in this "Kitchen" only the broker can earn money, and the client simply has to carry his money obediently to these scammers. For any trader, the main point of working with a broker is the withdrawal of money from a trading account. However, in most cases, customers have to face various problems on their way to withdraw their money from FxPro accounts.

Fxpro Reviews

Another Forex brokers client warns that at the high level of volatility at the market, the web platform at FxPro closes – the support service it as another "technical failure". In these cases, the most frequent issues happened with customer’s accounts, while the profitable transactions were canceled, and orders with a negative result for the customer were not revised. If you think that these are isolated cases, unfortunately, this is how FxPro scammers earn their profits. Here are some more reviews of traders who have lost their capital due to the spread, slippage, etc.


Yes, right now scam artists like FxPro can go to a court of the Russian Federation in order to ban the online information in Russia. And judges as Elena Vladimirovna Dubrovskaya, without understanding, grant “indulgences” to different scammers. The FxPro trial was her second case, the first case was with the scammers Aykyuopitson.

Without notice, a contract was broken with him, and he is not the only one. Let’s try to www fxpro com sort out the reasons, maybe the partner’s fault here or the company scams people…

The Raw Spread Advantage

"Kitchens" in such way attract new customers, nothing more. This office, like the others, does not bring any transactions to the external market, which means it directly depends on the exchange rates of its customers. Another trader remembers the brokerage company "Berezan" when they offered the payment of 25% of the sum of the drained deposit of those customers who initially were brought to this company by this trader. After joining , the methods of stealing money, apparently, have not changed for this company under a different name. Different clients told that they didn’t have problems with the trading platform at first, there were no clear deadlines, most likely this is due to the success of traders.

Another user also noted that https://forexreviewdaily.com/ constantly changes the conditions for withdrawing money for their clients, which intentionally complicates and delays the procedure for withdrawing money. As for the public income of the judge Dubrovskaya Elena Vladimirovna, she seems to be an honest person with a modest income. Our purpose is not to dive too deeply into the mind of bribe-takers – this service is not against judges, the service is against offshore scammers who rob people by the thousands of dollars. A Spanish-language review of FxPro was found under a video clip about these Forex scammers.

Everything seems to be good and that should not alarm the trader, but there is BUT … When outraged customers try to find out who is the supplier of their exchange rates, this turns out to be secret information that CANNOT be disclosed to customers. It’s very simple, because in this case, the trader may become a victim of scams. When dealing with FxPro, the clients often have to wait without trading at the market, the trading platform doesn’t send the message that there is no connection. Positions at the same time are opened and closed in a quite obscure way. The next trader also faced the result of a terrible slippage, and, as usual, the support service wouldn’t do anything if the price slipped in the direction of the broker.

How Do People React To The Paid Reviews About Fxpro Broker?

At the same time, they accused the client of using prohibited software. The question appears, why did they silently close these orders and charge them a profit on the trading account, and as soon as the trader submitted a withdrawal request, bah… The usual "kitchen" move, that would not give the customers the money they have earned. The next client was also left alone with his problems because the support service of https://www.fxstreet.ru.com/news did not respond to him for days. Such an attitude made the trader believe that it was time to leave FxPro broker, but the withdrawal request also was not answered. This is how the company works – slowly and silently draining its customers’ time and money. Another question – how to avoid dealing with Forex scammers?

Beware Of Fxpro Scam Broker

To this end, he is looking for other victims of similar fraud. The broker simply closed the transaction at a non-market price at the time of the price gap. In our opinion, the broker specifically leaked a surplus of the client, it was for this reason that no one began to delve into his problem. And only after a constant reminder about the withdrawal of money, the https://forexreviewdaily.com/exness/ support service notified that a mistake was made with his requisites. However, the trader did not receive an apology or his money.

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Eventually, the user received an answer to this question – they said, Anton Ch. Is being promoted at the expense of a company with the worldwide reputation and the complaints of deceived traders are just his wild fantasies. Forex brokers specifically provides inaccurate analytics for traders – another trader writes.

The Story Telling How Fxpro Scammers Along With Kokoc Group And Judge Dubrovskaya Elena Vladimirovna Solved The Case

The trader writes that due to the small amounts of the deposits, customers certainly do not bother finding the right rates. However, when there is a big sum is at stake, then you’ll track prices and rates more thoroughly, and just in these cases, customers catch the fraudulent action of brokers who offer incorrect rates. Yes, because it is not profitable, if the trader checks the price at the supplier, the client will have to be compensated for the losses. And "Kitchen" clearly has no plans to return big sums of money and therefore do not give any information. Many traders register the Forex accounts at the website of several brokers.

It is fenced with barbed wire, has video surveillance around its premises. Access to the fxpro.com territory is forbidden, the guard did not let the Brokers Pro’s representative enter the territory. The client notes that over time, the working terms at FxPro Group Ltd holding company are deteriorated, and it is very risky to keep a large deposit with them. It is logical after reading such reviews to ask – why to go back to the broker where you have already been deceived? Another client could manage only 3 months of trading at FxPro. In his opinion, it is necessary to be a masochist to tolerate their slippage policy.

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